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Inquiry & Assessment for Learning

Inquiry & Assessment for Learning  Weekend Workshop, PK-2

Workshop Overview

This workshop will unpack inquiry and assessment approaches to teaching and learning in the Early Years.

Participants will;

  • Explore different types of inquiry
  • Engage in student focused planning for inquiry
  • Unpack the role of the teachers in inquiry based classrooms
  • Construct strategies for assessment in inquiry based classrooms

About the Presenter

Holly Reardon is originally from North Carolina in the United States. She has been working in early childhood education and advocacy in the USA for over 15 years. Before joining The Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) as the Head of Early Childhood Education, she was a professional development specialist with the National Association in the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), where she trained teachers and administrators in early childhood pedagogy. Holly is passionate about her work with young children and is happiest in the classroom where she previously taught children from ages 3-14

Where: SIS Mountainside Campus, JingShan

Who: Registration is open to all schools

Cost: US$200

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